Presto ( - Presto just recently launched a great new email & photo receiver for those who don't own a computer. Launching a new product is difficult, but a new category?

After testing several keyword categories, we found three clear winners. These three keyword categories have produced significant traffic, strong conversion rates, and low acquisition costs through search marketing efforts.  A light bulb moment.

LiveDeal ( - An enormous real estate company would seem to be a great partner for a young company starting to dominate the online real estate category.  Not so fast. They don't understand the value of the internet. No light bulb moment here.

But don't give up. Another company, 1/100th of the first companies size & seemingly too small, comes along.  A great fit, a quick launch, money for both parties.   A light bulb moment.
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Flash Required
1) Winter 2007 - It had snowed 20 inches. It was time to ski.
2) Summer 2004 - I could live anywhere being an online marketer.
3) Fall 2002 - My family was more important than any job.